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Private Label Service

Private Label

Choose quality: an ever increasing number of boutiques and clothing stores are evolving to offer total looks, in order to dress their customers head to toe. The high quality of a dress or outfit is more and more accompanied by the high quality of a shoe.


It’s on these high standards that is based the Giordanodieci Private Label program, with a wide range of footwear in different lines and styles, entirely produced by an Italian factory located in the center of the fashion district. Our factory has been working on the Italian and international footwear scenery for more than 60 years and has also been an important part of the success of great brands of the fashion world.


The Private Label program by Giordanodieci is specifically aimed to help boutiques expand the range of products they offer on the fashion market.


You will be given the possibility to choose from a wide range of styles in our in-house archive and customize the selected shoes with the leathers and fabrics that you prefer. You will also have the chance to add – if you wish- your very own logo next to the designer’s logo printed on the shoes.

Unique color and leather combinations and the chance to have your boutique’s name printed on a top quality shoe will offer you the possibility to perfectly complete the outfit of your customers, granting originality, and ad hoc combinations for each look.


Every single shoe created for Giordanodieci – and included in the Private Label program –is embued with the skills and technical knowledge acquired through the generations, and represents the Italian signature of care for details and search for quality. The mingling of those elements creates unique and fine designs, with the top quality and comfort typical of the true handcrafted-in-Italy tradition. 

Not only have our shoes won International Awards, but around 50 styles have been selected to be housed in the permanent archive collection at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.


What if the next rewarded shoe was housed not in a museum, but in your own Boutique? For more information on this service please contact us or write to [email protected] . If interested, we’ll be happy to provide you with our lookbooks and T&Cs for the program.

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