About us

Our shoes are entirely handcrafted in Italy using only materials of the highest quality, ensuring that each pair created and produced is imbued with the quality synonymous with true “Made in Italy”.


about giordanodieci

Operating within a factory that has been hand-making luxury shoes for the most prestigious brands for over 60 years, giordanodieci has acquired a refined set of skills that have allowed for it to continue offering creative and technical support of the highest level to both new and well-established Designers throughout the years.

Among such skills are the ability of translating the Designers’ ideas into new styles, starting from the initial sketch to the finished product, as well as the understanding for the need of a constant search for new technical solutions and original materials.

 The creative process behind each collection means a challenge to face with enthusiasm, fueled by the satisfaction that comes from having created a unique piece of art in the luxury shoe business.

Our product development office takes care of the entire study process of each pattern, structure, accessory and packaging component, as well as of the research of the most suitable materials and technologies, for both internal and external productions.

All the experience and knowledge developed through the years is invested in each and every shoe developed, ensuring every pair is stylish and unique but also fits to perfection with comfort paramount.

Our Services

Design studio

We offer the possibility for new brands and Designers to create a shoe line based entirely on their concept and vision. The Design Studio program also comprises photo and video shooting, website editing as well as PR and Marketing support to guarantee more visibility and the best possible launch for the collection.

private label

Within this program Designers will be able to choose from a wide range of footwear styles from our in-house archive and to customize them with the leathers and fabrics that better match their desires. They will also be given the opportunity to further personalize the designs by adding their own logo.

OUR Factory

about vigens

Located in Vigevano, near Milan and at the center of the Italian “Fashion District”, Vigens has been hand-making luxury shoes for the most prestigious Italian and international brands since 1950.

Born as a family-run company, it is now already in its fourth generation.

The company has developed a strong presence within the luxury shoes industry, continuously growing by integrating the most innovative production techniques with the craft and expertise of the Italian footwear tradition. This combination, along with the great professionalism and training of the staff, allows the company to manage the production of both women and men’s collections using the most varied techniques and procedures.

Vigens footwear have not only won International Awards, but around 50 of their styles have also been selected to be stored in the permanent archive of the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

In addition to this, multiple shoes produced for different Designers have been worn by the most famous Celebrities around the world.


the factory through the eyes of our designers


designs and techniques

Unique styles made to last, handcrafted in Italy with quality and comfort at the forefront.